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Craving a cake that’s as beautiful as it is delicious? Look no further than, your one-stop shop for all things cake! We’re a passionate bakery dedicated to creating unforgettable treats for any occasion.


Strawberry Special

Dip into the delightful journey of strawberry cakes with us.

Pineapple Special

Pretty pineapple filled with colorful sugar confetti, to delight your taste buds.

Chocolate Special

Moist and rich chocolate cake, made specially to melt down your mouth.

Mixed Fruit Special

Dip into the richness of fresh fruits, topped with creamy frosting.

Choose Your Type

We all have something that makes us wonder what could be our own true cake type. The cake is something that reflects us in many ways. You can judge someone just by their cake choices, if their choices match yours, then just leave. Coz now you got to fight for your piece… Wink Wink !!!

Choose Your Flavor

Your flavour choices in cakes shows us how profound you are at making rainbow in a sunny day. Yes! Cakes can be a reflection of inner you, and so does the flavour you choose. This is why we at Piya Cakes try to give you out all the flavours we could so that you can match it with your true personality.

Bonjour From Lovely Piya

Flavours that are as sweet as the smile of little piya, Get these special delights from piya cakes.

Who We Are?

Our cake specials are made daily by in-house bakers, using the freshest & finest ingredients. Come visit us for delicious, sweets and a friendly neighborhood experience. We started baking so that we can spread sugar confetti in everyones life. To give you all a simple reminder that – “Glittering golds can be eaten, when it’s on a cake” and those who know how to do it are the real bakers…


Gargy, Chef cook


What we do

What we do

We bake fluffy cakes for you so that you can enjoy every moment of your life to the fullest. We try to reach your heart with our freshly baked cake.


Be it your wedding, anniversary, or the marriage of your loved ones. You can enjoy your special occasion with our special cakes that are meant for these occasions only.

Birthday parties

Birthday parties are special on any day! You know why? Because then you will get the sweet-savory of freshly baked cakes. Get ready cakes from Piya cakes.


We deliver freshly baked cakes to your doorstep. Either take it away by yourself or just give us a call and  we will bring it to you.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Came From. All That Matters Is Where You Are Going. And I know you will reach so high through sharing your love by PIYA CAKES


The Red velvet cake, which you made for my wife's achievement ceremony is just look amazing and mouthwatering. Thanks lot for make it a fabulous day!


Thanks for your job work, really very very delicious cake. YOU buy my heart for ever and You have gained a customer for life!


On behalf of me and all my friends – thank you for making our evening such a delicious one!

Ajit Bajaj

Menu is perfect, something for everyone. Service was great and I will be back!

Kamal Panchal

Absolutely wonderful! Staff was so friendly! Outstanding restaurant.

Nadia Madrel

I think cakes is great for us, a well decorated and flavourful cake works as wonder.

Maria Jonas

When someone asks if you'd like cake or pie, why not say you want cake and pie?

Saurabh Juyal

Absolutely wonderful! The cake and your service were great. Outstanding restaurant.


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